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January 10, 2006

Just Say No...To Bad Parenting

What the...
You have got to be freaking kidding me!

In the article, Roxanne Richardson, soon-to-be mother of two, contends, "I'd rather my son take a more proactive, less habitual drug like cocaine, than lock himself away and play video games. It's so lazy. At least with pills and coke you're out and about doing something."

So is it bad parenting, or just bad satire?
Is it possible she was being cheeky?
Can a parent really be that criminally stupid?
Is she a party pooper, or trying to emulate this candidate for mother-of-the-year...........

Can somebody please educate these freakin' people?!?!?

Oh wait. That's what sites like GamerDad, GamerMom & GameFam are trying to do.

So tell yer friends, wontcha?


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