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August 16, 2005

Busted. Grounded. Pwn3d.

For those people who still don't understand that video games are a maturing industry (demographically, economically, culturally, etc.), or have such a deathgrip on their own dangerously misguided vested interests that they refuse to acknowledge this fact, haven't we all been saying that the average age of gamers is just under 30 these days? I'm certainly doing my part to pull that average northward, if only by a smidge. :^)

So wasn't this only a matter of time? Busted. Grounded.

Sure, it's a funny story, and some of you might be tempted to ask just what the hell either of them was doing up at 3:30 in the morning (** see UPDATE #2 below), but I strongly believe that a parent who plays games is far less likely to be blindsided by a horrifically inappropriate game magically finding its way into the shopping cart.

P.S. In case you thought the title of this post was a typo, or don't even know what ownage is, here's what all those crazy kids are saying these days.


UPDATE: After writing that she was going to punish her son by making him stay home and watch Steel Magnolias or Moulin Rouge with her, she wrote this (#192).

Oh my...
I never in a million years thought this would happen. I just wanted to give him the bad news in a fun way.
I took pity on him (in light of these events) and we watched Stephen King's "The Dark Half".
He's a really great kid, despite the occaisional staying up too late.
Plus I need him to help me kill Araj this weekend! LOL

See? The family that games together stays together.


** UPDATE #2 (8/18): Reading is a skill, which, apparently, I do not possess. Had I been paying attention, I'd have noticed that Faydra's (the game-playing mom - or her avatar's name, anyway) first comment (the one where she busted her son) was not posted at 3:30 am, but several hours later (8:44:27 AM PDT, to be exact). Faydra, my sincere apologies.
Is there a contrition guild or alliance I can join?


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