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January 25, 2006

DDE (Dance Dance Education)

This probably won't cure the nation's child obesity epidemic, but it's definitely a start.


Can it be?

Hey, if they stick with their gaming, maybe they can all be surgeons when they grow up.

What I found interesting was that it highlights the difference between those who take responsibility for a problem, like West Virginia's state and local officials, who are attempting a creative solution to a very serious problem, and those who place the blame everywhere but where it truly lies.


  • Jared's problem is the classic one: you can't get credit without taking responsibility. If Nintendo made him fat, did Subway make him thin? No to both. He became fat, and then he chose to be thin.

    I try hard to keep my kids away from sweets and enforce better eating habits and improve my own. I think DDR as an exercise supplement is a GREAT idea. Sure beats dodgeball. ;)

    By Blogger WizarDru, at 6:39 AM  

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