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May 23, 2006

Let It Roll, Baby, Roll!

I probably would have posted this anyway, but since gewgaw is still out of commission, :( I see it as my solemn duty to pick up the Katamari baton and run with it.... by which I mean post this...

Katamari sighting at San Francisco's Bay to Breakers race

here's the direct link to the Flickr photo pool.



  • Aaaaaaaaagh!! another San Francisco-Katamari-blog-flickr-post. IS THERE NORHING ELSE GOING ON.

    At least you didn't mention: Maker Fayre, Creative Commons, ipod, apple, indie, webcomic, third world, second life, penny arcade or bootleg mashup.

    By Anonymous Cunzy1 1, at 9:32 AM  

  • What is that list, the Technorati top ten? No wait, Taylor Hicks wasn't on it.

    As someone who played KD a few weeks after it was released, and has sung the praises of the game in the past, I feel zero guilt about annoying some people who may have read it elsewhere. It's a lighthearted, fun event that fits in quite nicely with what we do here at GameFam acres. Maybe you should lighten up a smidge. :)

    And as for what else is going on, I'll be posting a preview of Cars later today. Thanks for asking.


    By Blogger Dan, at 9:45 AM  

  • As I reread my comment, it comes across as a little snippier than I intended. Sorry.

    By Blogger Dan, at 9:57 AM  

  • It okay I forgive you and if you are an addict its allowable. Just.

    Keep up the goodwork!

    By Anonymous Cunzy1 1, at 2:19 AM  

  • Yay, friends again! :)

    Seriously, though, I definitely see how annoying it can be to see a bunch of bandwagon-jumping bloggers all writing about the same thing.

    By Blogger Dan, at 8:05 AM  

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