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December 02, 2007

Burlington Quote Factory

Many people get pretty sick of the ubiquitous holiday ads around this time of year, but one (actually, two) in particular really grinds my gears - Burlington Coat Factory.

The first commercial features a young adult fashionista going over a list of things available at BCF (rich wools! luxurious leathers! saving money!) for a devilwearspradaesque boss/mentor/client type. And each one is punctuated by that most parishiltonesque of exclamations, "That's hot!"

So is heartburn.
* reaches for the Tums after seeing the commercial again *

The second commercial starts with a pair of French doors sweeping open to reveal an idyllic Christmas/nondenominationalholiday party. A woman asks a young girl, "so do you believe in Santa?" To which the girl cheekily replies, "I believe in cashmere!"

To which I ask, "What about the children? Won't somebody think of the children?!"

Each ad is craptacular enough in and of itself, but as a holiday ad duo, BCF truly reaches legendary status this year.

And I can't even give them the satirical benefit of the doubt, as some of my fellow game developers (you know who you are) have tried to do with Westwood's infamous Tighten up the Graphics on Level 3 commercial. Basically, as the thinking goes, it's so unbelievably ridiculous, it would have to be satire, wouldn't it?

Well, in Westwood's case, I know, and in Burlington's case, I'm guessing, that the commercials are both completely serious and completely clueless.

They should be so proud.
Keep up the good work, fellas.


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