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June 11, 2006

Happy Fruit Loop DS Day!

Due to Cabel and his excellent DS Lite video preview, we've been calling the new DS Lite the "Fruit Loop DS."

And while I was thinking about upgrading from the old fatty to the new phatty, Cabel's 3 reviews played a big part in my final decision.

"Old & Busted"

"New Hotness"

So as a result, we celebrated Fruit Loop DS Day with... a box of Fruit Loops and a new DS Lite (what'd you expect?).

I gathered the kids for the big surprise, and when I pulled out a Kellogg's Fun Pak-sized box of Fruit Loops, they thought that that was the surprise. And to tell the truth, they were pretty happy about the Fruit Loops. But when I told them that it was a clue about what the real surprise was, they guessed correctly what I was hiding in the bag, and they were so excited that they couldn't wait...

...yet that's exactly what we had to do - several hours worth, while the DS Lite was charging.

Here's a nice comparison photo I found at Joystiq.


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