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April 16, 2006

See Ya!

Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya, especially since you're the one responsible for befouling what would otherwise be a good kids' game.

So bye! Don't let the massive loss of revenues hit you in the lack of corporate ethics on the way out.


  • We only installed games with Starforce onto the 'Dad' machine, which didn't have a CD Burner, so were able to limit the damage.

    But, that also limits accessibility to the game, because, well, that happens to be Dad's machine! Mom needs a CD burner and the kids machine has both since we happened to get a great price on it at Fry's during the last cascading upgrades.

    No love loss here that Ubisoft has dumped them!

    Happy Easter!

    By Anonymous Donna K. Kidwell, at 12:24 PM  

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