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March 27, 2006

I Gave Her My Heart And She Gave Me A Pen

So good guy and kickboxing (sport-of-the-future) practitioner Lloyd Dobler professes his love for Diane Court, but instead of melting into his arms, she robotically follows her crooked father's orders, and she actually has the temerity, the unmitigated gall to give him a fine writing instrument.

So Lloyd retreats to the comfortable male bonding world of the Gas 'n Sip, where all of his friends go by choice, even on Saturday night.

Of course, in the end, it was nothing that a Peter Gabriel song hoisted high above his head couldn't fix.

So, yeah... that was a crappy gift.

Here's a better one.

Here's a little tidbit about that Gas 'n Sip scene in Say Anything. If you play the "Lloyd, Lloyd, all null and void..." rap backwards, you can just barely make out Jeremy Piven's character saying "let's hug it out, bitch". True story.


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