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April 03, 2006

Such A Talent...

So I finally bought a new scanner that was actually new, as opposed to the previous "new" one, which...
  • clearly looked used (scratches, scuffing, etc.)
  • had mismatched serial numbers on the scanner and the box
  • had the seller's name actually written on the software CD with a black Sharpie,
  • reeked of cigarette smoke
  • resulted in the seller lecturing me about smoker's rights when I complained.
Thanks, eBay!

So anyhoo, after far too long, I can finally start to post some of my daughter's drawings of video game characters.


Dog's Life: Smellovision

Katamari Damacy: The Prince at work

Sly Cooper: Still Life With Hook

Just SpongeBob being SpongeBob

Mario: Portrait of the Plumber as a Young Man, though, of course, Mario was a carpenter several years before he became a plumber.

Princess Peach & Daisy

You can see some of her previous work at the the very top of the right sidebar (the GameFam mascot), and in this post.


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