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November 05, 2006

New Games

There are a few games that have been released in recent weeks, or soon will be, that are most definitely on my family gaming radar screen. Here are a couple of 'em:

  • Sims 2 Pets: I already wrote a preview of Sims 2: Pets 3 months ago, but the game was finally released a couple weeks ago, and my kids actually got to play the game at EA Chicago's grand opening event last week. My daughter and son each got to create their very own animals using Create-a-Pet, and as I boldly predicted (actually, not so much a bold prediction as a gentle plucking of low-hanging fruit), they absolutely loved it. So I went ahead and bought a copy, and the next time my kids will see the game is inside some bright, colorful wrapping paper next month.
  • Thrillville: I loved this game when I saw it at E3, and in fact, it won one of my coveted post-E3 Fammy Awards. I took a whole buncha notes for a swell preview of the game, but before I could write it, I up and got myself hired by EA Chicago. I'd still like to write a preview of Thrillville in the next week or two, but in case I don't get around to it, I recommend it highly.
In a similar vein, I plan to do another GameFam Holiday Gift Guide this year, but given the time it took for the photos alone, this year's likely won't be as colorful or comprehensive as last year's. But with all the games I saw at GDC and E3 this year, and with all the great games we've already played together this year, I can't keep all that info to myself.

P.S. Still playing the heck out of LEGO Star Wars II.


  • I agree with you about the Sims 2 Pets - it has been a huge hit with my daughter and son both. We have yet to rent the family video game , Thrillville, but based on your assessment I am sure it will be a favorite video game with my kids as well.
    Thanks for the great posts.
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