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June 06, 2007

The Great Game Giveaway

Gaming community website The Great Games Experiment is having a promotion where anyone who registers between June 7 - 14 will be able to download a free game from the GarageGames store.

Dibs on Gish!

June 04, 2007

It's About Time!

The ESRB is finally waking up and beginning to realize that it needs to spread its message OUTSIDE the insular sphere of the gaming world, and start talking to plain ol' everyday parents out there.

Up until now, all of the ads I've seen have been in gaming magazines. Talk about preaching to the choir! If you want to have half a chance to combat all of the self-serving politicians lusting for the quick win by targeting video games as the latest, greatest evil out there, you need to bring your message to the general constituency at large, not the small, politically insignificant (though the Video Game Voters Network is working on fixing that) subculture of 1337 pwn3rz.

Putting their message in places like Good Housekeeping magazine is a welcome, if overdue, development. Just keep it up.