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August 29, 2005

America's Next Top Celebrity Paper Model

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Fashion Cents, which is a fun game for kids who like paper dolls.

As it happens, I have something new & delightful for those of you who liked that game. Over the weekend, a friend mentioned that her daughter loves a website called Paperdoll Heaven.

Before letting my daughter in on the exciting news, I gave the website a test run. For the most part, the site really is heaven for kids who love to play with paper dolls.

However, I do have a couple of caveats.

While the "models" in Fashion Cents are girls wearing nondescript underwear, Paperdoll Heaven features a cavalcade of stars in more "mature" undergarments. Since the models are computer versions of actors, actresses, singers, models, royalty and other various and sundry beautiful people, they can't be seen running around in Underoos, now can they? This may bother you, or it may not. Your call, of course, but I'd recommend that you check out the site first to see if you're cool with it.

The other issue I had is when you click on one of the "miscellaneous" entries - the Doll House. When you click on a window of the doll house, you're greeted with a lovely, Barbie & Ken-esque scene of domestic tranquility. The problem is that the scene is set in the bedroom, and the available wardrobe consists of the clearance rack at Victoria's Secret.

As a result, my daughter is not allowed to click on the Doll House. As with the underwear issue, you may feel that it's simply inappropriate and not worth the vigilance to make sure your kids aren't visiting paper naughtyland, but you may feel that the benefit of all of the paper dolls & outfits is worth the cost of a little extra attention.

Other than that, it's cute. I don't really care so much about the celebrity aspect of it as I do for the many many different outfits, hairstyles, makeovers and accesories your kids can play around with. Other extras (also in the Miscellaneous section) include an interactive, dressable History of Fashion timeline, a horse you can outfit and a dog you can dress up. The fact that the mutt is actually Paris Hilton's pet Chihuahua Tinkerbell is annoying, but my daughter doesn't know anything other than that it's a dog to dress up.

My daughter loves the game, and we've played it together a few times. If you're cool with the caveats, then your kids should love it. If not, then mum's the word.


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