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April 14, 2007

Boom Boom Rock It!

While I didn't have the privilege of seeing Boom Boom Rocket on a big screen like my esteemed colleague (we have a series of small screens at EA Chicago), I did play the Xbox Live Arcade demo a couple days ago, and so far, I likes what I sees.

Basically, Boom Boom Rocket is what I hoped Fantavision would be. We tried Fantavision a couple years ago, and while some may hail it as a good puzzle game, as far as kids are concerned, it was too much puzzle, and not enough game.

But especially when you play on the Easy setting, Boom Boom Rocket is a basic, DDR-style rhythm game (you can choose between colored arrows, dots, or Xbox 360 controller buttons) that rewards the young player with delightful fireworks exploding across the sky as you play.

My kids haven't played yet, but I showed it to my daughter yesterday, and she was most definitely intrigued. After they try it out, I have a feeling we'll be spending a few Xbox Live points to buy the full version. I'll letcha know how they like it.


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